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We Train Kids in Technology
For Free
Building Africa's Next Techpreneurs
The Creative Kids Zone is a fully registered not-for-profit organisation set up to train kids in technology for free.
TCKZone reaches out to thousands of kids in African communities and makes them ambassadors for technology, by organizing free training to introduce your kids to technology, Coding, Design, Robotics, AI, Game development, Mobile app, Web development, and other STEM fields.
  • We are a crusading (we go to the kids in their communities and schools)
  • We create tech training zones in different communities
  • Our training is 100% free
  • Our training methods are interactive and interesting
  • We create opportunities for the less privileged kids in society
  • The kids trained use STEM to solve real-world problems
  • We make use of readily available and commonly accessible devices to the kids

Our Focus

Increasing the number of young minds in Tech and preparing for the Future.

Our Mission

To expand creativity in as many kids as possible by training and empowering them with the technological skillset.
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Our Volunteers
Here are the individuals helping to make our events a success
Oghenefejiro Obire

Oghenefejiro Obire

Enterprise Development Lead
A smart and dynamic individual with well-developed team spirit.
Emmanuel Idowu

Emmanuel Idowu

Follow-up Lead
A software/mobile developer and product manager.
Omotayo Amoo-Sobayo

Omotayo Amoo-Sobayo

Digital Marketing Lead
A digital marketing expert.

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